COMMENTARY: Demonization – whose fault is it? Everybody’s

It’s the easy argument we all use on the Internet

So, who is responsible demonization becoming the default argument for just about everything? We all are, but I don’t expect anything to change.

More than half the American population has it made; we have the life the rest of the world wants – freedom, prosperity, and indoor plumbing; for the most part, demonization is a tool of that half and all politicians.The other half of our society who the powers call “socially and economically disadvantaged” don’t seem to have much time for demonization, they are too busy trying to hold body and soul together. Besides, the weapons of demonization are usually words and ideas and the educated use those best.  In the inner city ghettoes they use guns and knives, on the Internet and in advertising they use dictionaries, images, and feelings.

Demonization is a strange phenomenon, for one thing no one ever admits to starting the inevitable tit-for-tat; everyone claims to be acting in response to the other person. In fact, that may be true because the ideas about the slights and insults one suffers and the resentment involved often accumulate in pent up anger long before the bubble bursts. Therefore, the fight started in people’s minds before the first insult was thrown publically.

Most of those who claim innocence – that certainly excludes me – are only fooling themselves. They believe that they are the aggrieved party and have been too clever to be caught in blatant demonization, so they wordsmith, use generalizations, innuendo, or code words.

The truth is, we can’t have any disagreements anymore without questioning the other side’s motives or honesty because that is what we are thinking and have been thinking; eventually, it comes to the surface in the easy world of commentary.

I make no plea for understanding or forgiveness for my own transgressions because, undoubtedly, I am right and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. You know that is what we all think, but at least I am willing to admit it (which, of course, is a sly insult of its own).

Marty Richman

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Marty (Martin G.) spent his teen years in northern New Jersey. He served more than 22 years on active military duty, mostly in Europe, and is a retired U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 4, Nuclear Weapons Technical Officer. Marty then worked 25 years in various engineering and management positions in the electronics and energetic materials industries supporting the communications, computer, aerospace, defense and automotive sectors. He is a graduate, summa cum laude, from The College of Hard Knocks, among his numerous awards and accomplishments. He was a regular weekly Op/Ed columnist and feature writer for The Hollister Free Lance for seven years and a member of its editorial board for five years. Marty is a frequent commentator and contributor to BenitoLink on a wide variety of local, state, national and international subjects.   Marty was elected to represent the City of Hollister District 4 on the City Council in November, 2018. Marty and his wife, Joyce, have been residents of Hollister since 1996.