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COMMUNITY OPINION: Mass vaccinations in San Benito County

John Bessa writes that San Benito High School should be considered as a location for mass vaccinations.

This community opinion was contributed by resident John Bessa. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other affiliated contributors. (Editor’s note: BenitoLink mistakenly stated that the author is a teacher at San Benito High School but that was incorrect.)

The residents of San Benito County face a dangerous health crisis that is a threat to their well being. As we know, the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting the world population, especially in California. Mass vaccination is the most effective method to slow the virus spread, along with masks, distance and hygiene. The large counties in the Bay Area are considering using professional sports stadiums as mass vaccination sites.

Allow me to offer one suggestion: I would like San Benito High School to be considered as a mass vaccination location. The high school offers expedient opportunities for mass vaccinations by using the newly constructed road behind the school for drive-through vaccination stations. Also, the large parking lot adjacent to the pool and football stadium could be used for walk-in vaccinations. The medical staff and volunteers would be able to use the school infrastructure for personnel needs as they work on administering the vaccine and monitoring individual responses to the injection.

The school site allows for organized flow of recipients for the medication, and local traffic would be directed by law enforcement. By using San Benito High School this massive health operation could function well into the evening hours. I am hoping the elected Supervisors in the county would consider this as an option to protect our citizens from this pandemic.

John E. Bessa

John E. Bessa Retired Educator My career in education spanned 34 years at Oak Grove High School in San Jose.  I was a classroom teacher, guidance counselor and varsity baseball coach.  I am a San Jose State graduate with a BA in Physical Education and a Minor in History along with a MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University.