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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Landfill expansion is a bad idea

John Bessa writes that there are consequences in allowing the John Smith Road Landfill expansion.

Stadium at San Benito High School. Photo by Julia Hicks.

Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Mass vaccinations in San Benito County

John Bessa writes that San Benito High School should be considered as a location for mass vaccinations.

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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Public access to swimming

John Bessa suggests opening the SBHS aquatic center for increased public use on a year round basis.

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Schools & Education

COMMUNITY OPINION: No Vote On Gavilan College Bond

Gavilan College failed to build a satellite campus in downtown Hollister with Measure E funds in 2016. Today, the college is asking property owners to support another bond.

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Housing / Land Use

OPINION: Homeless make Dunne Park unwelcoming

Dunne Park is a favorite recreation site near the downtown area, but some in the homeless population live there

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Government / Politics

OPINION: A welcome to Councilman Gillio

Jim Gillio assumes an important role in providing leadership in his new job. The city of Hollister will need his expertise

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COMMENTARY: Don’t neglect Dunne Park

Dunne Park is a community asset in need of proper maintenance and restoration

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Schools & Education

COMMENTARY: Corrigan and Nehme for high school board

San Benito High School will need to have a competent and progressive board of education