As we celebrate the end of BenitoLink’s tenth year, we reflect on its acceptance by the community and its tremendous growth. Today, between  60,000 and 70,000 unique visitors, somewhat akin to individual readers, enjoy BenitoLink each month.

Some readers love hard news or local politics, others let us know how much they enjoy stories that focus on the many positive and unique aspects of our county. We appreciate our readership and encourage everyone to stay involved in local news. We need you to give us feedback on the things you enjoy and let us know where we can improve. We are so fortunate to have BenitoLink team members and interns out in the community and able to listen and interact with you everyday.

Financial giving is key to BenitoLink’s growth and allows us to continue serving who really matters, all the residents of San Benito County. The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), which is providing a match of $15,000, looks for local enthusiasm which is demonstrated through donations. In fact, we are eligible for an additional bonus when we can show at the end of the year that we have strong community interest.

In this year’s Fall Fundraiser, we once again benefit from the wonderful and continued support from INN and our local major donors Sallie Calhoun and Matt Christiano and Randy and Rebecca Wolf. Together, with INN, they offer matching funds up to $55,000 for this critical fall fundraising season.

The BenitoLink team thanks those of you who have already contributed this fall. Donations will be doubled up until Dec. 31, 2022.


Fall Campaign Donor List