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On May 28, the San Benito County Farm Bureau Board of Directors held a special meeting to consider a position on the anti-fracking initiative that will appear on the November ballot locally.

The so-called “Initiative to Ban Well Stimulation Treatments and Enhanced Recovery (such as Fracking and Steam Injection) throughout all Unincorporated Areas of San Benito County and to Ban All Petroleum Operations in Residential General Plan Designations in Unincorporated San Benito County and Make Related Zoning Changes” generated substantial review and discussion, with the board voting to oppose the initiative "because it is too over-reaching and misleading; it infringes on ones private property rights; it is not specific to banning only fracking but all oil exploration and mining activities; and the usage of fossil fuels in agriculture is extremely important and there are currently no feasible alternatives," the farm bureau said in a statement. 
The San Benito County Farm Bureau has been in the community for more than 90 years representing agriculture. It is a non-profit, non-governmental membership organization, with 425 current members.