Housing / Land Use

Opinion: Oh no! Not again with fracking

It's imperative to write or email the Bureau of Land Management by April 6 to protest resumption of fracking on BLM land in San Benito County


Housing / Land Use

Fracking opponents, BLM talk future oil and gas leases in county

BLM pitches plans to lease public lands for gas and oil exploration as anti-fracking protesters argue for local control


Government / Politics

Supes to send letter to BLM opposing oil and gas leases on local, federal lands

The board will remind the agency that the county passed Measure J to ban fracking

Image by Jason McCormick shows borderline between San Benito and Santa Clara counties ā€” two of the legal battlegrounds among officials, oilmen and environmentalists.

Citadel plans to reroute litigation over San Benito County oil

CEO says Citadel has no plan to end legal pursuit supporting local interest

Measure J signs.jpg


Citadel drops Measure J lawsuit against county

Oil company had filed a $1.2 billion claim against the county before pursuing litigation

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: San Benito Rising talks 2016 elections

San Benito Rising looks toward the 2016 elections and supporting community-responsive public servants

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Business / Economy

Oil companies, county officials shed light on constitutional concerns of Measure J

County receives letter from California Resources Corp., sounding alarm over applicability of regulation as result of Measure J.

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COMMENTARY: Measure Jā€™s approval by vast majority of residents served notice to local politicians

Local politicians failed their constituents one more time on important issues

David Braun, a co-founder of Americans Against Fracking

Business / Economy

Anti-fracking advocates face questions concerning oil well maintenance

Citadel Exploration CEO breaks silence in statement to BenitoLink, while government officials and local activists continue fight against oil companies.

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Business / Economy

Local government to participate in renewable energy panel Jan. 17

Speakers are expected to include county-level government officials, and touch on fossil fuels, solar power and agriculture.

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L.A. Times profiles San Benito County’s fracking debate

Newspaper calls the fight over Measure J "a bare-knuckle campaign"

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Government / Politics

Anti-fracking Measure J wins by double digits

Contentious campaign culminates with convincing victory, despite relative lack of funding


Business / Economy

COMMENTARY: Measure J Campaigns — Grassroots vs. Astroturf

Comparision of San Benito's Campaigns For and Against Measure J

homer simpson fracking.png

D’oh! Homer Simpson talks fracking on this week’s “The Simpsons”

Long-running cartoon takes a humorous look at issue that's a hot topic locally



COMMENTARY: “Dear Governor Brown: Don’t Frack San Benito”

Lacking Big Money, Measure J Gets Help from Non-Profits