Colton Haaker (center) celebrates his win in Madrid. Cody Webb on right and Jonny Walker (GB) on left.

Colton Haaker from Tres Pinos won the World Title for Endurocross in Madrid, Spain on Saturday, March 19 with Cody Webb of Aromas/Watsonville area receiving the title of Vice-Champion. 

Webb was the 2010 United States NATC Motorcycle Trials Champion and now competes in endurocross.  He won the 2014 AMA EnduroCross Championship and he won silver medals in Foz do Iguaçu 2013 and Los Angeles 2012 and 2014 in the X Games.

Haaker’s victory was announced on the FIM  Super Enduro World Championship website.  Video clips of the race in Madrid were made available online Sunday, March 20th on youtube.

Colton’s father, John Haaker shared his thoughts with BenitoLink after his son’s win,”Yesterday was a good day; we’re totally stoked about Colton’s big win.  He has worked very hard to achieve his success. Our son is a World Champion. That’s pretty special!”  John Haaker has Haaker Insurance in Gilroy. Not a bad business to be in if your son is determined to be among the best Endurocross riders in the world. Colton’s mother, France is involved in San Benito County education. 

The results of the European endurocross races are the combination of three heats, all called main events.  The event is held on a track but is rough going, jammed with obstacles such as boulders, logs and the most challenging obstructions the course designer could think up. The race track in Madrid was constructed in a bull fighting ring.

Haaker is known as an exceptional athlete and competitor.  At times he can be both inconsistent and brilliant, but he has been regularly in the top four positions over the last few years. Haaker wrote on his Facebook page Friday, March 18, “Wish me luck!!!”, as he prepared for the final race in the series. 

Last week, Haaker won the “Superenduro” in Prague, putting him within reach of the world champion title.  According to the event website, “The Grand Prix of Czech Republic completely reshuffled the Prestige class. Jonny WALKER (GB – KTM) is still leader, but due to his injury last weekend in Prague is now only one point ahead of Colton HAAKER (USA – Husqvarna).HAAKER took full advantage of the woes of his two rivals to pocket his first win of the series and with it comes fully back into the title race. For his part, Cody WEBB (USA-KTM), was very unhappy in last heat of the Czech Republic GP but has nonetheless taken a few points on WALKER and is just 7 points behind the Brit.”

Haaker finally pulled off the overall win in the Czech Republic event. According to DirtBike website on March 18, “Colton went 3-1-2 for the best score of the night. mericans have dominated the series this year, but the points lead is now in the hands of Great Britain’s Jonny Walker.” The DirtBike website provided the highlights from Prague via youtube