File photo of the Andy Hardin Stadium by Jenny Mendolla Arbizu.
File photo of the Andy Hardin Stadium by Jenny Mendolla Arbizu.

This article was written by BenitoLink intern Juliana Luna


On Oct. 3, Hollister High School officials sent a letter informing parents and students of new regulations at the Andy Hardin Stadium. The rules, which were updated Oct. 13, include a new ticketing system, requirements for spectators and behavior expectations.

All of this comes in response to the Sept. 23 home game against Salinas, where juveniles and an adult were involved in violence in and around the stadium in three separate cases.

“As a school in this great community, we strive for the safest environment for our students and staff,” the letter states. “We are no longer a small school in a small town.” 

According to the school, approximately 3,500 students attend HHS.

Knowledge Saves Lives Inc., an emergency preparedness organization, was hired by HHS to work alongside staff and ensure the overall safety of the school. 

An HHS senior named Allison, who declined to give her last name, said she hadn’t read the letter yet. However, she understands why the new rules were implemented. She added that it will feel safe to play at the stadium.

HHS will enforce its new rules starting with the Oct. 14 homecoming football game against Alisal. The school said multiple security personnel will be present inside and outside of the stadium.

Events tickets are to be purchased online only, and all spectators must be screened by a metal detector. Hollister High and students from the visiting team are only allowed to attend games and must carry a current school year ID to enter. Non-students are required to submit a guest pass application to enter the stadium. The application must be approved by the school administration. 

The letter said the school will not tolerate any physical or verbal quarrels and that people who are involved in such incidents may be banned from future events. 

The school will also not allow re-entry into the stadium.

“It’s bogus,” said sophomore Sergio Rojas. He is strongly against the requirements of entrance for non-students. He said it’s terrible for some families, who at the last minute may have time to see their children play games.

In the HHS FAQ, regarding whether stadium entry rules apply to other games and events, the school states: “At this time, our focus is on the largest events that include our students, the community and visitors from outside the community.”

The updated stadium rules are here


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