Overcoming 2020 by building for the future

BenitoLink's fall Pledge of Champions fundraiser sets the stage for the coming year.

This article was written by BenitoLink Executive Director Leslie David.

BenitoLink Pledge of Champions individual donations have now reached $15,680!

Major donors Sallie Calhoun and Matt Christiano, Randy and Rebecca Wolf, and Hugh and Jackie Bikle have pledged to double your donations. That means this current running total with the match is $31,360. Offering a wonderful opportunity for local news, these major donors are willing to match individual donors up to $55K. 

Two BenitoLink major donors; Rebecca (left) and Randy Wolf (right) with BenitoLink Executive Director Leslie David (center). Photo by John Chadwell
Two BenitoLink major donors Rebecca (left) and Randy Wolf (right) with BenitoLink Executive Director Leslie David (center).
Photo by John Chadwell.

Your donation counts. Let’s not miss this great opportunity to better our community through insightful reporting and dedicated government coverage.

Our fall Pledge of Champions sets the stage for the coming year. Strong individual participation means a healthy reporting budget for 2021.

Like other businesses, nonprofit BenitoLink was challenged in 2020 and expects to continue to face more obstacles in the coming year.

Last March we were just waking up to COVID-19. Fortunately, before the county’s first shutdown, BenitoLink was able to meet as a group for our annual team retreat. I am thankful we were able to plan our next year together before moving to remote work and limited time in the office.

We’ve experienced a pressing public need for reliable, accurate and timely news. BenitoLink has managed to publish more stories than ever before despite team members needing breaks during stressful times.

We have been pushed to our limits.

BenitoLink is the only news provider in San Benito County that is sticking with it, committed to attending critical county and city government meetings and reporting back to you. Attending meetings, whether in-person or on Zoom, costs time and money.

We’ve delivered by making sure San Benito County residents have the essential information they need.

Fortunately, each year community members like you support their local news source, BenitoLink. Whether it was your first time, or you are a long-term loyal supporter, we are so thankful that you recognize how important local public service reporting is to a community’s health and success.

Join these individuals who have already donated so the whole community can benefit by having good, factual information on San Benito County in 2021.

To-Date Pledge of Champions Donors:

  • Anonymous
  • Micheal Hussey
  • Dianne Carman
  • Susan Logue
  • Joan Domingues
  • Shari Stevenson
  • Alan Clark
  • William Baker
  • Liz Smith
  • Leslie Schwabacher
  • Daniel Dungy
  • Dale Coke
  • Karson Klauer
  • Mary Margaret Lanning
  • Rebecca Salinas
  • Gary and Ria Byrne
  • Greg Pape
  • Sara Steiner
  • Carol Lenoir
  • Valerie Egland
  • Judy and Robert Steward
  • Elizabet McMahon
  • Theresa Lavagnino
  • Susan Schwabacher
  • Anne Caetano
  • Bob Reid
  • Dohn Larson
  • Margret Ellwanger
  • Beverly Meamber
  • John and Roberta Bessa
  • Geri Johnson and Gary Rocchi
  • Willis Pack
  • Dayna Lynd Pugh
  • James O’Donnell
  • Vivian Fisher
  • Denise Cauthen-Wright
  • Tami Aviles
  • Linda Ponzio
  • Cathy Sorensen
  • Maureen Sarafini
  • Carol Hawkins
  • Ann Marie Barragan
  • Mary Sue Davis
  • Phillip Walter Wilson
  • Gerry Wright
  • Lois Locci
  • Stuart Blakewood
  • Eugene Zanger
  • Nichole Anglin
  • Charlie and Lisa Tobias
  • Amelia Ryan
  • Joan Sattler
  • Karson Klauer (additional donation)
  • Trisha Green
  • Paul Hain
  • Linda Breslauer
  • Bob and Kathy Tiffany
  • Carol Berlutti
  • Roseanne Herzog
  • Thomas Walerius

BenitoLink only survives with your support.

From now through the end of the year, INN’s NewsMatch and our local funders will double your new monthly donation or your one-time gift of $5,000 or less. Thanks to these major donors, individual gifts can be matched up to $55,000. This is a huge opportunity to maximize your investment in the local journalism our community needs through 2020 and beyond. Please consider supporting BenitoLink between now and Dec. 31.



Leslie David

Leslie David is a Bay Area independent reporter/producer and is a BenitoLink founding board member. She has produced for radio, television, newspaper and magazines in both California and Wyoming. She was with KRON-TV News in San Francisco as camera-woman, editor and field producer, where she won the Commonwealth Club's Thomas Storke Award with Linda Yee for their series on the Aids Epidemic. She started as a small market news reporter shooting her own 16mm film at KEYT-TV Santa Barbara. Leslie lives on a ranch with her family in San Benito County.