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Scheduling helps students plan for the future

Some students prepare for what will be a tough schedule ahead

Every year around February, San Benito High School students schedule their classes for the next school year. Students generally are excited to schedule because it means it brings them another year to finishing high school. Some students are nervous about scheduling their classes, because many take courses that they know will be tough.

Sophomore, Marcus Kelly, who signed up for three advanced placement classes, said, “It’ll be a tough junior year, but if I do well I can gain some college credits.” He also added that he thinks it is better to take harder courses, so he can get into a better college and prepare himself for college.

Junior, Matt Hill, is taking a different approach to his upcoming senior year. He is taking a relatively “light schedule” and said, “It is my senior year, I will enjoy it.”

Chemistry teacher Carissa Filice said that if a student wants to be successful in college, they need to take an AP or honors course. She also added that “taking my class will prepare you for most of the science classes in college.”

Incoming freshman Emily Quinby will take four advanced classes in her first year of high school. Coming out of Spring Grove School, she said that she just wants to prepare herself for the AP classes and eventually college.

Scheduling classes is a big deal for all the types of students, because it will affect their future, both in high school and beyond.

Nick Christian