classroom distractions.jpg


Students battle distractions in class

Long class periods can lead some students to distraction

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Schools & Education

Baler baseball has lofty expectations

Team hopes to take the final step toward a section championship

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Children and Youth

Scheduling helps students plan for the future

Some students prepare for what will be a tough schedule ahead

Schools & Education

Baler basketball aims for success

Baler Basketball is in full swing with girls' and boys' programs having some big wins

sbhs ID badge.jpg


Teachers wearing ID badges on campus at SBHS

Photo ID's are meant to help security personnel monitor who is on the campus

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Stress of finals weighs on students

Students prepare to take tests that are worth 20 percent of their semester grade

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Children and Youth

Students must now take AP tests for a grade bump

Students at SBHS are now required to take an $80 AP test in order to receive a grade bump.