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Live to Cycle offers you a safe, clean environment to engage in a fun, high intensity, Spinning and Tabata Bootcamp fitness classes!
All fitness levels, from beginner to skilled athletes, men, women and young adults at least 16 years of age, are invited to embark on this journey.  My studio has newer, fully adjustable Spinner® NXT bikes that offer you one of the safest, most comfortable, smoothest and effective rides. As you engage in a 45 minute ride, you will empower your mind, body and soul throughout this journey. Whether you are looking to get in shape, increase your cardiovascular fitness level, lose a few pounds and/or increase your energy level ~ you don’t want to miss this class!

Tabata Bootcamp is a 4-6 week bootcamp that is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using the 20-10 Microburst Training Protocol every morning~ Monday through Saturday. Bootcampers also receive an easy and individually formatted program from Caroly, a certified Tabata Bootcamp™ trainer, and Mindy Mylrea, the creator of this incredible bootcamp! You will participate in 3 weekly 40 minute workouts that will result in true, successful weight loss, inches lost, body fat percentage loss and muscle gain. These exercises are combined with metabolic tracking, and 24/7 web support that help deliver amazing body transformation results.

Live to Cycle is located at 193 McCray Street #304 in Hollister, next to Water World.  For more information, check us out at

We look forward to meeting you.