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State issues guidance for face coverings

High-risk situations include being inside of any indoor public space, obtaining services from the healthcare sector, waiting for or riding public transportation, and more.

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Public health officer defends face covering order

Some residents have opposed the mandatory mask rule from the start.

Early morning in San Juan Bautista. Photo by Leslie David.


San Juan Bautista distributes masks as order goes into effect

April 29 drive-thru for those in need taking place at community center.

San Juan Bautista City Hall. File photo.


Face covering distribution in San Juan Bautista

Community members can obtain face coverings on April 27 and April 29 assuming the arrival of adequate supplies.

San Benito County Administration Building. Photo by Leslie David.

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Face covering order goes into effect April 27

Combined with sheltering in place, social distancing, and frequent hand hygiene, facial coverings help slow transmission of COVID-19.

Various designs of face coverings. Photo provided by Karen Stacy.


County offering free face covering distribution

Drive-thru event to take place April 25.

San Benito County Administration Building. Photo by Leslie David.

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County-mandated facial covering order could come as soon as April 24

Coverings would be required in places where it isn’t possible to maintain social distancing.

Medical Mask Clips. Photos courtesy of Brian Goldberg.


Hollister merchant makes clips for medical masks

Using an industrial laser and open source design, Brian Goldberg manufactures 200 per batch for medical personnel.

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Face masks—compassion and solidarity

Patty Anne writes that wearing a face mask in public is a considerate gesture towards others, lessening the spread of any germs.

San Juan Bautista resident Karen Stacy has made and sold hundreds of masks from her home in recent weeks. Photo provided by Karen Stacy.

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San Juan seamstress stitches facial coverings

Karen Stacy makes masks that combine functionality and style.