Ali Dorri of Microvi and City Manager Don Reynolds. Photo by Robert Eliason.


San Juan Bautista City Council visits new water treatment plant

Microvi Biotech demonstrates its system for breaking down nitrates in well water.

At the San Juan Bautista City Council meeting. Photo by Noe Magaña.


San Juan Bautista gets closer to solving water problems

City Manager expects all issues to be remedied by December.

San Juan Bautista City Hall. File Photo.

Government / Politics

San Juan Bautista City Council purchases water well

New water source brought on to address system contamination. The council also discussed replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.

san juan city hall_6.jpg


San Juan Bautista City Council begins process to hire permanent city manager

San Juan Bautista begins search for permanent city manager.


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San Juan Bautista City Council Moves Toward Water Fee Changes

Councilmembers also heard a request for support of a planned low-power FM radio station

File photo demonstrates ripple effect, courtesy of Flickr user Rob Ellis.

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San Juan Bautista tells residents water is once again safe to drink

City tells residents that state lifted local ban of potable water use in December

mission sjb overhead.jpg

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Five candidates seek three seats in San Juan Bautista council race

UPDATED: Three of the five candidates for SJB city council answered a Q&A with BenitoLink.

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San Juan water warning continues

Nitrate warnings are below the maximum allowable level, but restrictions remain in place

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High nitrate warning continues in San Juan Bautista

Recent results below maximum contaminant level, but precautions still urged

water warning.jpg

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San Juan water emergency may last until 2015

High nitrates continue to be measured in municipal water supply

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San Juan hopes water treatment system will fix nitrate problem

Ion exchange system still needs approval from state officials