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2018 Primary Election: 12th State Senate District

Two Republicans and two Democrats vie California's 12th State Senate District seat in the June 5 primary. Two top performers will move on to the general election in November.

Ray Espinosa said it was urgent that the county send the letter in support of SB-1. Photos by John Chadwell.

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Supervisors to send letter in support of state bill to address local road repairs

County Board of Supervisors endorses SB-1, hoping monies will come back to county for road repairs

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Government / Politics

Farr lauds Barbara Boxer, who won’t seek reelection

Central Coast Congressman praises California Senator

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COMMENTARY: State Senate Works to Increase Fuel Prices in 2015 to Discourage Fossil Fuel Consumption

Fossil Fuels Production in California Under Organized Political Attack From Environmentalists


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COMMENTARY: U.S. Senate Report Ties Anti-Fracking Movement to Elitist Billionaires

Report identifies extremist blueprint against the American fossil fuel industry

Then They Came For Senator Feinstein

The loss of essential freedoms takes place slowly - then one day it is too late