The 3.5-mile buffer zone would have no effect on Santa Clara County where a developer bought the Uesugi Farms site, just across the river from Strada Verde. Google Earth image.

Government / Politics

What is the purpose of Measure R and its 3.5-mile buffer zone?

Voters are confused by Measure R pro/con mailers and are left questioning its purpose and impact.

public letter, laptop, writing

Public Letter

PUBLIC LETTER: Dan Floriani writes to Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez

Floriani writes that he is taking a stand against the misinformation being shared on social media about his property and the Strada Verde project.

City and county officials attended the roundtable. Photo by John Chadwell.

Business / Economy

State treasurer says Strada Verde is what Newsom wants

Fiona Ma says California needs to ‘keep tech here.'

Proponents of Strada Verde Innovation Park say Measure R is part of plot to secretly acquiring land around the project and eventually build thousands of homes. They claim Palo Alto-developer Philip R. Taylor is backing Measure R, while buying thousands of acres around Strada Verde.


BL Special Report: Company transferred 27 parcels along Hwy 25 corridor

Developer Philip Taylor deeded more than 7,400 acres of land in North County to a Delaware-based LLC. 

TriCal has been at the same location over 40 years. Google Earth photo.

Government / Politics

San Benito County supervisors add Measure R to Nov. 8 ballot

Despite questions about motive behind it, if it passes, a 3.5-mile buffer zone will be placed around the TriCal property on Hwy 25.

Powerpoint slide by David Medeiros during the Aug. 2 Planning Commission meeting.

Government / Politics

San Juan Bautista planners take up controversial issues

The Planning Commision receives a presentation on projects along Hwy 101, discusses commissioners’ commitment to the position and the recent Sphere of Influence meetings.

One of the test tracks at Applus+ Idiada. Photo courtesy of Idiada.

Business / Economy

Strada Verde says facility in Spain most comparable

Director with Spanish facility says Strada Verde’s projections are on the high side but will bring jobs and tax revenue to San Benito County.

TriCal has been at the same location over 40 years. Google Earth photo.

Business / Economy

Strada Verde reaches safety agreement with TriCal

The company will pay to move part of TriCal’s chemical operation out of the county if the county approves its innovation park plan.

A car passes by the Trical facility on May 27, 2022. Photo by Noe Magaña.

Government / Politics

Ballot initiative effort aims to put buffer zone around chemical warehouse

Voter passage of Trical buffer could block approval of Strada Verde development.

Community members are invited to share their opinions on BenitoLink. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


COMMUNITY OPINION: Residents play Whack-A-Mole with projects

Mary Zanger writes that residents should reject Strada Verde again.

Strada Verde Land Use Plan. Image from the Initiative.


San Benito County to hold two Strada Verde EIR scoping meetings

Sessions set for April 27 and 28.

Community members are invited to share their opinions on BenitoLink. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


COMMUNITY OPINION: Who’s the bully now?

Anne Stickett writes about the proposed initiative and says proponents are using trigger words to get signatures.

San Benito County Administration Building. Photo by Noe Magaña.

Housing / Land Use

Supervisors give Strada Verde developer green light for project application

There’s no deadline for delivering the new proposal.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: The voters made their decision, we must follow it and learn from it

Daniel Camacho writes that the SBC Board of Supervisors should not consider the Strada Verde project any further.

Proposed Strada Verde site. Approximate boundaries in red, added by BenitoLink. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Housing / Land Use

Strada Verde developer to decide on project’s future within 2 weeks

San Benito County supervisors will vote on whether to proceed if Newport Pacific Land Co. continues with its application.