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COMMUNITY OPINION: Residents play Whack-A-Mole with projects

Mary Zanger writes that residents should reject Strada Verde again.

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Community Opinion: Growth compares to game of Monopoly

Mary Zanger writes that building a community is not a game.

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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Money talks with Betabel project

Mary Zanger writes that the vote of the community was ignored.

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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Charity provides legal help for our agriculture workers

Mary Zanger writes that she hopes agriculture workers are provided a path to citizenship.

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Community Opinions

COMMUNITY OPINION: Safe and effective vaccines available

Mary Zanger writes about her support for the vaccination program. She encourages parents to vaccinate children 12 years of age and up.



COMMENTARY: Unmasking a Masquerade

The mask of saving lives disappeared, revealing the true face of greed and profit among generic drug makers

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COMMENTARY: Big Pharma: They Betrayed Pharmacists and You

Pharmaceutical companies are controlling federal legislation and gouging consumers

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COMMENTARY: Holy privatization, Batman!

Effort to make postal service private is a caper worth battling


COMMENTARY: The Middle East needs a Marshall Plan

Two men of courage--one military, one religious--whose lives unbelievably intersect at Fort Benning, give hope to humanity.


San Benito Lifestyle

COMMENTARY: Miracle at the Mission: La Virgen de Tepeyac

Surely this Lady stands firmly on the side of the oppressed, the invaded.


COMMENTARY: Gathering Trash for a Treasure

See why this must be a labor of love?



COMMENTARY: Frantic Fossil Fuel Frenzy

This frenzy is erupting right here in San Benito County.


Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Dispelling myths about fracking

Mythology is indeed seductive, no matter how intelligent the believer.

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A pocket of peace in the midst of the biker rally

COMMENTARY: Our country knows how to make war but knows much less about making peace.



Cool clear logic regarding water

Do you agree that good logic requires us to conserve and protect our precious water?