Herman Garcia pulling illegal traps out of the Pajaro River. Photo by Robert Eliason.

Environment / Nature

Herman Garcia pushes for watershed restoration through two controversial projects

CHEER's efforts have cleared out tons of trash and enabled steelhead trout to return to the San Benito River after 75 years.

Settling Pond at the San Juan Wastewater Treatment Plant. Photo by Robert Eliason.

Environment / Nature

San Juan Bautista accepts EPA terms on water issues

A first step toward resolving years of water quality problems.

San Juan Wastewater Treatment Plant Pond 1. Photo by Robert Eliason.

BL Special Report

BL Special Report: San Juan’s wastewater treatment plant adds to city’s water woes

2019 EPA inspection identified 11 areas of concern and described the facility as ‘aging’ and in ‘significant noncompliance.’

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Grazers, regulators address ranching, water quality issues

Central Coast ranchers, resource managers, researchers, and regulators gathered to exchange ideas

water fountain.jpg


Water faucet quality issues addressed at SBHS

Administration responds to students' water quality complaints at San Benito High School.


San Benito County Water District Responds to Michael Smith Article

San Benito County Water District responds to claim of their position on pollution of groundwater


San Benito County Water District to Review San Benito Rising Local Water Claims

SBC Water Agency Says Existing Gas/Oil Wells Do Not Pollute Groundwater

frack rally 2013.jpg

Government / Politics

Dangers Of Fracking To Be Aired In San Juan

Local environmentalists will briefly explain the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, and ask the City Council to ban it in the city.



You Can Help Protect our Water, Health and Agriculture

This message to county residents urges them to become informed about fracking and contact local, state and federal representatives with their views on the subject.