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Dangers Of Fracking To Be Aired In San Juan

Local environmentalists will briefly explain the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, and ask the City Council to ban it in the city.

Local environmentalists will be explaining how detrimental hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — can be to our precious water systems at the City Council meeting in San Juan Bautista, starting at 6 pm on Tuesday, Dec. 17.  The group called San Benito Rising urges anyone who cares about their water quality and its ever-increasing price to join them at the city hall chambers, where they will be asking civic leaders for an outright ban in San Juan Bautista.


While oil and gas drillers are unlikely to be injecting chemicals into the aquifers inside the town's city limits any time soon, water activists believe banning it in the mission town is a step in the right direction for sending a message to the industry that local citizens do not want them to play blackjack with their water.  San Juan is currently running off of one of three wells, and already has a history of high nitrates in their water.


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BenitoLink Staff