Thankful for community contributions

BenitoLink keeps the community informed and provides residents with a "town square" where a variety of perspectives can be shared.

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on what we each have to be thankful for. As San Benito County's online nonprofit news provider, it's natural for us to think about this in a journalistic sort of way. We recognize that communities have lost their local newspapers and have no way to follow important decisions or occurrences happening daily. Yes, there is social media, but that is not ideal for readers looking for cold, hard facts or researched articles.

Every day, BenitoLink has readers checking in on our nonprofit, community-oriented news site. For some, it’s over morning coffee, during a little break at lunch, on the phone while standing in line at the store or finally putting their feet up to read the evening news at the end of the day. We are accountable and approachable. Because of their donations, San Benito County residents can rely on BenitoLink as a their very own professional news source.

BenitoLink is community-supported and so we look to our regular readers to pitch in as we start our annual fundraiser, the Pledge of Champions. This show of support has already begun with $4,910 in individual donations. This will be fully matched by NewsMatch (a national group supporting local news) and several local donors. All donations of $1,000 or less during this late 2018 campaign will be doubled up to $50,000 until Dec. 31. 

Our readers let us know that they appreciate the extra time and effort that goes into BenitoLink's in-depth articles about subjects that matter, like our local hospital, government and area schools. Just last week, a donor wrote about the BenitoLink team saying, "I am grateful to have them and especially excited that they are investing in investigative journalism." 

Others in the region showed their support for BenitoLink with short notes included with their donations stating things like, "Keep up the good work!" BenitoLink serves up news for free so that every member of the community can enjoy being informed. Still, the operation depends on our readers' financial contributions, something that fits their pocketbooks. As a nonprofit, our business model would best compare to public radio or television, but we are local and offer genuine, homegrown news that is also a platform for personal perspectives. 

By donating to BenitoLink during the Pledge of Champions, you are supporting an essential public service: solid, factual information and continued investigative reporting that San Benito County deserves. 

Take part in keeping local journalism lively and vital by donating. With the membership that comes with your donation, we will provide you with the BenitoLink annual report, giving our informed readers the inside scoop on what is new at BenitoLink and giving access to the nonprofit news organization's events, where you can share your ideas, and meet our leadership and editorial team.

Join the Pledge and be a champion by helping us reach the full $50,000 match goal. 


Thank you to our 2018 Pledge Champions to date

Lois Locci

Mary Margaret Lanning

Louk Markham

Robert Bernosky

Valerie Egland

Gigi Brisson

Julie and Joe Morris

Susan Logue

Michael and Ashleigh Anderson

Kenneth Kovanda, DDS

William Mark Meiggs

Jackson and Leslie Schwabacher

Lynn Overtree

Dan Dungy and Nancy Maclean

Keith Severson



BenitoLink Staff