Fall Match hits $49K with hours to go

We have until the end of the year to reach our $55k goal.


BenitoLink’s goal No. 1 for 2023: hire a full-time news reporter

Your donations will help us hire a full-time reporter and so we can cover more local news.


Fall fundraiser begins: Strengthen local news!

In a time of confusing online information, local reporting is what readers trust most.

Pledge of Champions 2019 graphic designed by BenitoLink intern Alex Esquivel.


Support local news through Pledge of Champions

Here it comes! BenitoLink's major annual fundraiser starts Nov. 1 and runs through Dec. 31.


BenitoLink Pledge of Champions raised $67,260 in donations

Thank you to all the individuals and local organizations who participated in our fundraising campaign!

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Final Day of Pledge of Champions

BenitoLink's largest community-supported fundraiser ended Dec. 31 with around $42,640!

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We’ve hit $32,000! Donations will be matched up to $50,000

With over $32,000 in donations from community members, BenitoLink heads toward the final days of Pledge of Champions.

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Doubling each donation, Pledge passes $25,000

Thanks to local major donors, this matching opportunity can go to a full $50,000!

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Thankful for community contributions

BenitoLink keeps the community informed and provides residents with a "town square" where a variety of perspectives can be shared.

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BenitoLink Pledge of Champions begins with $50,000 in matching opportunity

Community donations can be doubled up to $50,000 in this year's annual Pledge of Champions!

The weekly News Editorial meeting. (Left to Right) Team members Laura Romero, Carmel de Bertaut, Becky Bonner, Nicholas Preciado, Diviana Navarro, Blaire Strohn, Paul Hersh and John Chadwell. Photo by Leslie David.


BenitoLink receives $28,000 community matching opportunity from NewsMatch!

We are excited to announce that we have been accepted for a $28,000 community matching opportunity from NewsMatch, a national matching-gift campaign to promote donating to nonprofit newsrooms in local communities.

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San Benito Lifestyle

BenitoLink moves in on $38,000 goal!

So far, the community has donated $37,500 to support BenitoLink's full match up to $38,000.

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Government / Politics

Why should I pay for news?

Benitolink is nonprofit news fueled by its own community. Your support is what makes it all happen.

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Government / Politics

BenitoLink gets $28,000 NewsMatch offer

NewsMatch, is "interested in informing the public and holding those in power accountable". It will provide an additional $28,000 in matching funds for Pledge of Champions Nov.1 kick-off