photo of radishes by Bob Reid

The Gathering of Gardeners
Wednesday, January 29th
7:00pm at the Aromas Grange

Transition Aromas is hosting the fourth Gathering of Gardeners on January 29th.  This is a chance to share skills and information to help each other become better gardeners.  We will share thoughts on dealing with the drought, discuss ways to plan next summer’s gardens, and hear what collaborations are happening among us.  A teacher from Aromas School will present his vision for reviving the school’s classroom garden project and offer us a chance to get involved.  As always, we’ll have an abundance of cookies and time to socialize around the Share Table.   
Please bring anything you’d like to make available to other gardeners at the Share Table (seeds, starts, info, etc.)  Also, if you have a system – however simple or informal – for planning your next year’s garden, please consider bringing a sample of your map, drawing, journal or other tool.
Feel free to bring cookies and other snacks.
Everyone is welcome!