Anna's Hummingbird feeding on Mexican sage. Photo Carmel de Bertaut.

News Release

UC Master Gardeners Classes for June 2021

Classes on how to grow vegetables in containers, growing a hummingbird garden and a Q&A session.

(L-R) Steve Dunbar, Edie Matson, Terry Giannetto, and Connie Bishop (Vera's niece) plant a fig tree in Vera Bradley Frass's honor. Photo courtesy of Barbara Taddeo.


Hollister resident continues 16-year Earth Day tradition

Barbara Taddeo plants trees to honor departed family and friends.

The Granados family harvests lettuce together. Photo courtesy of Royal Greens Family Farm.


Tips for growing food at home

Royal Greens Family Farm has advice on planting veggies in the yard or kitchen window.

Susana Valle and son Gael paint a rock together. Photos by Patty Lopez Day.

Schools & Education

Painting rocks at Calaveras Elementary

Parents and students spend Saturday revitalizing campus garden.

South Valley Fleurs.jpg


Local garden club awards grant to Anzar High School

"EduGrow Grant Program" designed to foster youth horticulture education

asian citrus psylliad.jpg

San Benito Lifestyle

NATURALLY: Your Orange Tree May be at Risk

A new disease puts citrus crops at risk

garden boot camp2.jpg

San Benito Lifestyle

NATURALLY: Here’s the Dirt on Gardening Boot Camp

Gardeners can get a day's worth of information and inspiration June 6



San Francisco Flower and Garden Show looks to local growers

One of the nation's leading garden expos taps local resources

Harvest Fair Spinners.jpg


Harvest Fair Planning Meeting

Come help plan the 2014 Harvest Fair



How To Plant Tomato Seeds

Tips from Diane Matarangas, Penny Lane Farm



Local Gardeners Gather To Exchange Seeds, Cuttings and Tips

San Benito Bounty, a local chapter of Slow Food USA, invited gardeners of all experience levels to swap seeds and cuttings at its 2014 Seed and Plant Exchange.

photo of radishes by Bob Reid


Transition Aromas Gathering of Gardeners

The Fourth Gathering of Gardeners to share skills and information