Are these the same supervisors who struggle with declining budgets? They downsize county departments, furlough employees and threaten to close our library. Yet they gladly hand tax breaks to the wealthy and give away our resources. I am referring to approving the matter called “Fracking.” I never dreamed that this would happen. To release natural gas, fracking forces, under high pressure, massive amounts of our pure water that gets ruined by the added—yet unknown—chemicals that the process pushes into the ground. Unbelievably, these supervisors reduced the bond for the oil companies. This income loss for our community slaps us in the face. But the overriding issue severely damages our community. When the gas is exhausted, our ground water remains polluted, and no process in the world is able to remove the polluting chemicals. Polluted water will destroy our agricultural community. Welcome to a future third-world village. These supervisors need to fail in the next election.