John Flook Figure 8 Roping. Photo by Chris Mora.
John Flook Figure 8 Roping. Photo by Chris Mora.

Editor’s note: This article was updated to correct the results of the various competitions.

For the first time on record, both Saturday and Sunday were sold out at the San Benito County Horse Show and Rodeo. That’s according to David Westrick, President of Board of Directors for San Benito County Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo Association who told BenitoLink,” It was a great crowd all weekend.”

Friday night June 23, was nearly full and on both Saturday and Sunday nights, the over 3,000 seats available in the grandstands were full.

With two arenas operating at the same time, there was never a dull moment. “We had some very good competition in the arena and on the track, and in the halter horse division Saturday morning,” Westrick said.  Even though the bucking chutes are a good distance from the stands, a giant screen captured the action in real time. “We had our big screen back this year and it really accommodated the fan experience,” Westrick added.

This year, the Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo upgraded the vendor area at Bolado Park with numerous food and drink options. “We also had an upgraded area for vendor’s art and tack inside the venue. We had two drink sales areas that offered beer, wine, soda, and water and snacks.”

  • Ezcaramuza El Centenario Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Mariachi Juvenil Corazon Jalisciense. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Trista Reid in Mixed ribbon roping. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Wild horse race winners Justin Raine, Dylan Pierce, Cody Perry. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • John Flook Figure 8 Roping. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • All around Arena Junior winner: Lillian Mendonsa. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Eric Novoa Riding "Too Hot" in Bull Riding. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • The Horse Show and Rodeo was great watching for all ages. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Junior Showmanship competitions starts young! Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Group photo celebrating the 1st Annual Robert Postigo Special Rodeo. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Mariachi Juvenil Corazon Jalisciense. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Kati King competing in Ladies Breakaway. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Lily Doty competing in the Junior Barrel Race 6-11. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Reese Emeterio & Elcy Emeterio competing in the Junior Ribbon Race 6-11. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Adam Renz & McKenna Waterman competing in the Mixed Ribbon Roping. Photo by Chris Mora.
  • Gregory Koehler competing in the Saddle Bronc Riding. Photo by Chris Mora.


Junior Track All Round- Kodi Fowles

Junior Arena All Round- Lillian Mendonza

Senior Track All Round- John Flook

Senior Arena All Round- Tristan Schmidt

Junior Keyhole Race 6-11

1st Samuel Nino 

2nd Luke Douglas

3rd Nicholas Holiday

4th Charlee Jones 

5th Kate Mendonsa

Junior Keyhole Race 12-15

1st Caylee Lau  

2nd  Alaina Ratliff

3rd  Ava Rendon

4th  Alexis Bozarth

5th  Molly Eggleston 

Junior Barrel Race 6-11

1st  Lilly Matthews 

2nd  Reagan Petersen   

3rd  Lily Doty 

4th  Lily Heitzman

5th  Alaina Holt

Junior Single Steer Stopping 8-15

1st  Westin Aviles

2nd  Lillian Mendonsa 

3rd Nathan Fisher

4th Averi Mendonsa 

Junior Barrel Race 12-15

1st Lillian Mendonsa

2nd Kaitlyn Porter  

3rd  Maile Maddox 

4th  Ava Rendon 

5th  Kaylee Lau

Figure-8 Roping

1st Jake Bourdet 

2nd  John Flook

2nd Mitch Bourdet

4th  Scott Spencer

4th Adam Donati  

Senior Barrel Race

1st  Sydney Perry

2nd  Mckenna Wood 

3rd  Brittany Moore 

4th  Katie Smith

5th  Makiley Mezera

Dally Team Roping

1st  Joe Spencer (Header),  Scott Spencer  (Heeler)

2nd  Cheyenne Rey (Hdr), Ashley Fairhurst   (Hlr)

3rd  Jerad Renz (HDR),  Adam Renz   (Hlr)

4th  Justin Wood (Hdr), John Flook   (Hlr )

5th  Sarah Brewen (Hdr), JW Brewen  (Hlr)

Tie Down Roping  

1st Billy Aviles   

2nd Vince Nino 

3rd David Nino      

4th Tristan Schmidt

5th Joseph Nino

Steer Wrestling

1st Vince Nino    

2nd Tristan Schmidt        

Wild horse race    

1st Cody Perry,  Dylan Pierce, Justin Raine

Junior Best Girls’ Working Outfit 8-11

1st Isabella Donati

2nd Averie Skow

3rd Kolbie Skow

4th Holli Fowles

5th Brooke Duncan

Junior Best Girls’ Working Outfit 12-15

1st Kodi Fowles

2nd Kennedy Skow

3rd Molly Eggleston

4th Rylee Skow

Junior Boys’ Working Outfit 8-11

1st Brushton Grady

2nd Jackson Douglas

3rd Casyn Clark

4th Luke Douglas

Junior Western Horsemanship 6-11

1st Luke Douglas

2nd Jackson Douglas

3rd Nicholas Holiday

4th Lyla Wright

5th Audrey Rianda

6th Jenna Hain

Junior Western Horsemanship 12-15

1st Kodi Fowles

Junior Reined Stockhorse 6-11

1st Lily Dodi

2nd Kodi Fowles

Junior Reined Stockhorse 12-15

1st Kodi Fowles

Junior Cowhorse 6-15

1st Kodi Fowles

2nd Lily Dodi

Junior Ribbon Race 6-11

1st Paizley Weirsma & Westyn Weirsma

2nd Reagan Petersen & Cooper Dewitt

3rd Samuel Nino & Kate Mendonsa

4th Luke Douglas & Jackson Douglas

5th Reese Emeterio & Elcy Emeterio

Junior Ribbon Race 12- 15

1st Averi Mendonsa & Lillian Mendonsa

2nd Maile Maddox & Kaitlyn Porter

Mutton Busting 4-6

1st Christian Bozarth

2nd Joseph Leach

3rd Carter Villaverde

4th Kajin Ketchum

5th Casey Klauer

Junior Breakaway Roping 8-15

1st Lillian Mendonsa

2nd Kate mendonsa

3rd Averi Mendonsa

Ladies Western Horsemanship

1st Jamie Fowles

2nd Jane Brittell

3rd Lisa Fuentes

4th Grace Ericson

Cattle Sorting

1st Bob Pivetti, Andy Barrington, John Flook

2nd Bill Donati, Adam Donati, Juliann Donati

3rd Jeff Cabral, Joe Spencer, Reagan Tully

4th Dan Nino, Steve Taylor, Tom Nino

5th Dana Lenardon, Russell Tobias, Erik Dahlstrom


1st Brett Pura

2nd Emery Pura

3rd Grace Erikson

4th Billy Martin

5th Erik Dahlstrom

Non-Pro Stockhorse

1st Emery Pura

2nd Grace Erikson

3rd Amanda Bettencourt

4th Allyson Bottini

Novice Stockhorse

1st Amanda Bettencourt

2nd Allyson Bottini

3rd River Sage Red Eagle

Two Rein Stockhorse

1st Brett Pura

2nd Ramona Koch

3rd James Brumfield

Reined Stockhorse

1st Grace Erikson

2nd Allyson Bottini

Non-Pro Reined Stockhorse

1st Allyson Bottini

2nd Jane Brittell

3rd Taylor Thibault

4th Joy Law

5th Allyson Bottini

Ladies Breakaway Roping

1st Josie Pereira

2nd Makiley Mazera

3rd Amanda Wiersma

4th Cheyenne Rey

5th Gabrielle Breneman

Family Dally Team Roping

1st McKenna Wood (Header), Ryan Wood (Healer)

2nd Danielle Porteur Johnson, David Porteur

4th Stacey Schmidt, Tristan Schmidt

5th Cheyenne Rey, Jimmy Cupit

Mixed Ribbon Roping

1st Josie Pereira, Tristan Schmidt

2nd McKenna Wood, Dallin King

3rd Seth Nino, Dina Cupit

4th Jake Bourdet, Brittany Moore

5th Cody Skow, Gracie Skow

Bull Riding Friday

1st Eric Novoa

Saddle Bronc Friday

1st Karson Mebane

2nd Noel Johnson

3rd Tucker Bourdet

4th Gregory Koehler

5th Dave Tankersley

Saddle Bronc Riding Saturday

1st Karson Mebane 

1st Tucker Bourdet

3rd Jace Angus

4th Cameron Messier

5th James Mann

Saddle Bronc Riding Sunday

1st Roman Reyes

2nd Noel Johnson

3rd Jasper Frost

4th Gregory Koehler

5th Matt Cicisly

Bull Riding Sunday

1st Eric Novoa

Full results can be found here.

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