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Onward! BenitoLink Marches Forward

The BenitoLink team looks back at progress made and an expanding staff.
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It’s hard to see Adam Breen leave the BenitoLink production team. He has brought the site up to a more professional level, managed reporters, assigned stories and fielded emails. He’s prompted contributors to give posting a story a try, handled social media and so much more. He has been holding two jobs and with a lot of class.

We often get phone calls or emails asking us, “When is your deadline for an article?” The answer is, there is no deadline, we’re online! We’re going all the time.

As we move forward, BenitoLink will be bringing in a few people to fill Adam’s shoes. We hope to split his many responsibilities between more people. That’s where community support comes in. You can donate on BenitoLink anytime throughout the year but our largest fundraiser, Pledge of Champions, starts in November, and we hope you’ll take part in it.

What Adam has done for BenitoLink took tremendous commitment.  That commitment has to do with wanting to provide genuine local news that is not manipulative or speaking down to the community. BenitoLink cares about the future of San Benito County.

In Adam’s time with us, he has expanded our team of reporters and photographers while inviting more and more citizens into the site to tell their stories, share passions or concerns. We like new perspectives and open respectful dialogue.

Adam has contributed to his community by building up this website into a legitimate source for news. Now he has a chance to teach full-time and help educate young writers, editors and storytellers. He will help along new writers, journalists, researchers; people who can put their ideas into words. Of course, BenitoLink supports that whole-heartedly!

We thank San Benito High School for being an advocate for strong writing skills and expanding Adam’s role at the school.  The BenitoLink Team looks forward to working with Adam in his new capacity at San Benito High and as a member of the BenitoLink Advisory Board. We are currently interviewing new team members and expect to have Adam’s two (or more) positions filled, at least partially by early October.


Leslie David

Leslie David is a Bay Area independent reporter/producer and is a BenitoLink founding board member. She has produced for radio, television, newspaper and magazines in both California and Wyoming. She was with KRON-TV News in San Francisco as camera-woman, editor and field producer, where she won the Commonwealth Club's Thomas Storke Award with Linda Yee for their series on the Aids Epidemic. She started as a small market news reporter shooting her own 16mm film at KEYT-TV Santa Barbara. Leslie lives on a ranch with her family in San Benito County.