Nicholas Preciado in the BenitoLink office. Photo by Leslie David


Nick Preciado takes new position at San Jose Spotlight

As a new Content Manager with reporting experience, Nick grew with BenitoLink and pushed his job description to its outer limits.


Local News: It’s up to us

BenitoLink's annual fundraiser has reached just under $20K in community donations. Pledges will be matched up to Dec. 31.

CMAP TV's Ian Slattery runs Adam Breen and the BenitoLink staff through the news capabilities of the iphone.  L.David photo

San Benito Lifestyle

Onward! BenitoLink Marches Forward

The BenitoLink team looks back at progress made and an expanding staff.


Business / Economy

Grassroots Journalism, San Benito Style

Local news is changing and growing from the ground up

fake news.png

OPINION: The Fake, Fake News Controversy

Fake news is not new, it’s the oldest of old hats

pledge of champions new.jpg

Government / Politics

Knowing where your news comes from

As the BenitoLink "Pledge of Champions" fund drive continues, we review blogs, social media and the value of locally-produced news stories