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COMMENTARY: San Benito Rising to present check to cover county’s Measure J defense costs

$684 covers the cost of legal expenses incurred by the county to defend the anti-fracking Measure J

David Braun, a co-founder of Americans Against Fracking

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Anti-fracking advocates face questions concerning oil well maintenance

Citadel Exploration CEO breaks silence in statement to BenitoLink, while government officials and local activists continue fight against oil companies.

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COMMENTARY: Vote No on Measure J

Initiative Is a Land-Use Overreach By Fear-Mongering Environmentalist Radicals

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Citadel says San Benito County well is producing oil

The company and San Benito County were recently found to have not done proper environmental review at the drilling site


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COMMENTARY: U.S. Senate Report Ties Anti-Fracking Movement to Elitist Billionaires

Report identifies extremist blueprint against the American fossil fuel industry

Oil Exec, Soaked ... artwork by Tommy Chargin


County officials confirm initiative allows conventional oil drilling

Facts offered by experts drain air out of rumor balloons floated by opponents


San Benito Rising: Wag The Dog

Energy ban is a perverse proposition

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Oil Drilling Concerns Fuel Comments at Chamber Mixer

Oil Drilling Concerns Fuel Comments at Chamber Mixer

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Oil Well Ban – Read the Fine Print and Don’t Panic

The fine print may be small, but you can bet the content is important

Connie the Condor and SBR in SAC


Candidate for State Senate Endorses San Benito Initiative to Protect Water

Candidate Shawn Bagley adds his name to the growing list of political endorsers against fracking

San Benito Rising's Members with their Mascot, Connie Condor

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Locals Attend Sacramento Anti-Fracking Rally

A bus load of residents from New Idria, Tres Pinos, Hollister, San Juan and Aromas joined thousands of other Californians in an anti-fracking rally at Sacramento on March 15.

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San Benito Rising Files Ballot Initiative To Ban Fracking In County

Several members of San Benito Rising filed a ballot initiative to ban fracking and other extreme extraction methods in San Benito County.

Protesters against fracking in Hollister last October.

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Bus Ride to Protest Fracking Leaves March 15th

San Benito residents who care about their water will protest in Sacramento

Protect our water sources!

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Hearing on Fracking in Salinas, Jan. 8

Should We Allow Our Groundwater To Be Poisoned or Not? After all, we can’t let the poor, struggling subsidized oil & gas industry suffer….