Trump rally attracts boisterous, enthusiastic supporters; counter-protesters

Hollister fills with political activity. Pro-Trump supporters are met with anti-Trump contingent with no incidents of note.

Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta and former Hollister resident, Rick Rivas. Photo by Frank Perez.

Locals help civil rights activist celebrate birthday, soon-to-be released documentary

On April 9, current and former county residents joined Dolores Huerta in San Francisco to celebrate her 87th birthday and to watch a screening of "Dolores: The Movie," a documentary about the civil rights activist

A farmworkers' polling place set-up in a field (Sept. 1975). Photos courtesy of Mimi Plumb.

Democracy In The Fields: A Project Honoring California’s Farmworkers and the Newfound Freedoms They Reaped in 1975

In September1975, free elections altered California's agricultural landscape. On Sunday, April 3, the National Steinbeck Center will host the unveiling of "Democracy in the Fields," a project dedicated to this momentous event and the lives it transformed

Father Miguel Hidalgo ushering in the fight for Mexico's independence. Courtesy of

COMMENTARY: Sept. 16: A day of debate, revolution, and a grape strike

Yesterday, Sept. 16, was historic for several reasons: The second Republican presidential debate was held; Mexico celebrated its independence; and 50 years ago, Cesar Chavez led his fledgling union in a grape strike

Coalition of Immokalee Workers' march to Publix headquarters in Lakeland, FL. Courtesy of Rev. Havens and his wife Lani.

Reverend David W. Havens: An Agent of Change (Part 7)

In 2001, Rev. Havens, the former minister of Hollister's First Christian Church, retired to Florida, where he returned to the cause that became part of his Hollister ministry and that he later championed alongside Cesar Chavez.