Larry Avira has been homeless for seven years and lives on beyond the wall of a subdivision of new homes. Photo by John Chadwell.

Housing / Land Use

The wall between home ownership and homelessness

Homeowners claim DeNova Homes misled them about the homeless situation near new homes and they fear those who live by railroad tracks.

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Government / Politics

City ‘looking into’ Park Hill sign mistake

Park Hill resident asks city officials to address why new sign has the park's name mixed up

vista hill park.jpg

Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Vista Park Hill. What’s in a name?

Vista Park Hill signage gets the name wrong as the downtown park continues to be a low priority

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Sports & Recreation

City closed Park Hill as storm approached

Concern about eucalyptus trees falling leads to the precaution

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Business / Economy

Low Power FM station getting tuned up

First community meeting sparks ideas for planned local broadcast channel