Jim Ostdick talks about regional park plan on ‘Going Green’

He says regional park would allow people to connect with nature and improve their health

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Housing / Land Use

Walking Across America: Ostdick reflects on his cross-country journey

The walk has ended, but the goal to support an endowment fund for parks and trails in San Benito County continues



Walking Across America: Ostdick reaches the Pacific Ocean

Retired teacher's cross-country journey will now head south, visiting California missions in the final leg of his trip back to San Benito County



Walking Across America: Jim Ostdick is back in the Pacific Time Zone

Adventurer is on his sixth pair of shoes as he walks from Delaware to California



Walking Across America: Ostdick reaches Utah in cross-country journey

Path along the American Discovery Trail inches closer to California



Walking Across America: Ostdick crosses Continental Divide, surpasses 2,000 miles traveled

Ostdick is battling sore feet, but his walking journey continues unimpeded

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Walking Across America: Ostdick nearly 300 miles in

Retired science teacher is making his way back to California to promote connecting to county to national trail system