BenitoLink's board, staff and reporters meet for their annual retreat in early 2020. Photo by Leslie David.


Forget Giving Tuesday, let’s call it Giving NewsDay

Local news needs community members who care enough about what is going on to pay for it. BenitoLink is fortunate to have supporters who will do this.

Grantee Vicki Rashkin used Arts Express! funding to purchase xylophones for a music program at Ladd Lane Elementary School. Photos provided by San Benito County Arts Council.


San Benito County Arts Council relaunches the Art of Giving for #GivingTuesday

The Arts Council is raising funds to increase arts engagement and accessibility in San Benito County.

BenitoLink reporters meet weekly with Content Manager Nick Preciado and Copy Editor Paul Hersch to discuss the news of the week and progress on individual projects. Staff photo.


Giving Newsday keeps your local nonprofit news alive and fair

BenitoLink has a unique editorial style designed to serve the public.

Photo provided by San Benito County Arts Council.

Art & Culture

San Benito County Arts Council joins Giving Tuesday to raise funds for Arts in Education program

Working to bring the arts to local students, including low-income youth, students with special needs, incarcerated youth at Juvenile Hall and students at Title 1 schools.