Dale Barnes, Joe Ortiz and Bernie Ramirez were among the Vietnam War veterans who spoke at San Benito High School on April 25-26. Photo by Becky Bonner.

Children and Youth

Vietnam veterans speak to students on war experiences

History comes to life at San Benito High School.

Re-enactors give a historical lesson about 19th Century women’s clothing.

Children and Youth

Civil War Days Bring Historic Re-Enactment to Tres Pinos

Re-enactors help bring 19th-Century conflict to life, and provide lessons on the Civil War’s Western theater

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COMMENTARY: Peace on earth – but not at any price

Peace is a nice concept, but some things are worth fighting for

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Government / Politics

COMMENTARY: Middle East War Technology and Tactics Find a Home in Domestic Intelligence Gathering by Policing

Local politicians fail to understand the true meaning of the constitution and are passé


War and Peace in San Benito County

A personal perspective on life in San Benito County within the context of repeated wars over time from the 1950s to the present.