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OPINION: Veterans Have Performed a Selfless Public Service

Remember the veterans everyday


OPINION: Nov. 7 vote would pad two annual retirements $8,100 avg.

Supervisors De La Cruz and Botelho would reap huge retirement bumps, almost all at taxpayer expense.

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OPINION: Practical embryonic DNA modification is coming and soon

Who should define the ethical limits of DNA manipulation?

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OPINION: The monster within us all

Will future generations be able to control their monsters any better than in the past?

San Benito County Supervisors  (Chadwell photo)

Government / Politics

OPINION: 55% pay raise means an added $26,821 for Supervisors

By a 4-1 vote, Rivas in opposition, County Supervisors take an unearned raise to $75,015 a year before $20,000 in benefits.

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OPINION: SBC’s unfunded CalPERS termination liabilities skyrocket to $226 million

Want to walk away from CalPERS? Get out your wallet.

Hollister Major Parks Coverage

Children and Youth

OPINION: Recreation Master Planning is Overdue for Consolidation

It makes sense to have a consolidated recreational facility master plan that serves all county residents

San Benito County Administration building on Fourth St. in Hollister.

Business / Economy

OPINION: San Benito County votes no on economic development

SBC fails to seriously compete to improve its poor economic condition; the inevitable result will be decades of underservice to its residents.

New housing construction in Hollister.

Business / Economy

OPINION: Development Agreements Can Be a Better Solution

This is the fourth and final article in a series about residential development management in Hollister and San Benito County

Traffic leaving Highway 101 to take Hwy 25 to Hollister

OPINION: Traffic Impacts – Deficiencies, Legalities and Cost

This is the third in a series of articles about residential development in the City of Hollister

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Business / Economy

OPINION: Historical development rates don’t matter, only today and tomorrow

This is the second in a series of articles about residential development in the City of Hollister

Homes under construction in Hollister. (Leslie David photo)

OPINION: The case for a timeout on vesting new city developments

Today’s vested development decisions may be implemented 20 years or more into the future under our current rules; therefore, we have to do them right

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OPINION: Hollister needs to fund more library operations

The meager level of library funding from the City of Hollister hurts city residents most


OPINION: Pets are a source of unconditional love

The right pet can brighten your life - spend a lttle time and make a good selection

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OPINION: Healthcare is too expensive overall, that’s the real problem

Politicians refuse to face up to the fundamental issue which is the overall cost of healthcare