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OPINION: Nuclear war – We have the most to lose

If North Korea can make nuclear weapons and ICBMs, who can’t?


OPINION: Self-evident truths; our best ideals are worth keeping

Even imperfect beings can seek perfection in society and government


Business / Economy

OPINION: Solving the mysteries of the commute

Trying to nail down the updated economic and social impacts of commuting is a challenge


Business / Economy

OPINION: Private enterprise drives the economy of San Benito County

In spite of a large government footprint on local employment, the private sector is still the driving economic force

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Business / Economy

OPINION: The dangers of balancing budgets on vacant positions

High percentages of perpetually-vacant positions promote underlying budget problems

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Business / Economy

OPINION: SBC trails state significantly in renewable energy projects

In order to get the maximum economic benefit from renewable energy, you have to generate it

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OPINION: The Best Memorial

Memorial Day is observed on Monday, May 29; this is a reprint of my thoughts on the commemoration

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Business / Economy

OPINION: Hollister must protect against gyrating development rates

Without adequate control and strategies, Hollister is at the total mercy of market forces


OPINION: Welcome to the new state of Fres-Mer-Benito

How would San Benito County make out if California left the U.S.?

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Business / Economy

OPINION: Raise Hollister’s TOT and development tax, not sales taxes again

All taxes are not created equal, so the city should aim at the right tax target and the county needs to step up


OPINION:: Emergency services needs living plans for the future

The dynamic planning process is the new and essential reality


OPINION: Pay attention or pay through the nose

Bad decisions by local elected leaders often last long after they are gone - you end up paying the bill

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Business / Economy

OPINION: The good news and bad news about the county’s per capita personal income

This economic indicator for San Benito County was high in the short run, but low in the long run where it really counts. Can we turn it around?

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OPINION: Being emotionally over-invested clouds our judgment

The power of emotion explains why we often believe and act illogically.

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Business / Economy

OPINION: County signs on for huge transportation tax increase

Desperate for road taxes, county supervisors back a bad plan rather than demand essential reform of the state budget process