Cesar Chavez. Photo courtesy of Mickie Luna.


COMMENTARY: Legacy of Cesar and Helen Chavez in SBC

For more than three decades Cesar led the first successful farm workers union in American history.

Avenida Cesar Chavez. Photo by Juliana Luna.


Avenida Cesar Chavez honors farm labor leader

More than 100 attend the ceremony to rename a portion of Union Road in Hollister for the civil rights activist.

Union Road between Airline Highway and Fairview Road will be renamed César Chávez Way. Photo by John Chadwell.

Government / Politics

Section of Union Road to be renamed Cesar Chavez Way

Local residents recount their connection to the civil rights leader and what it means to them to honor him.

Luis Valdez speaking with Cesar Chavez on right (Courtesy ETC).


Local leaders remember Cesar Chavez

Phil Esparza and Richard Perez say the fight for farmworker rights continues.

Ignacio Hurtado Vargas carried his tribute to Cesar Chavez during the march. Photo by Juliana Luna.


Celebrating Cesar Chavez

Residents march in honor of the farm labor leader’s legacy.

Led by Chavez' oldest daughter Sylvia Chavez-Delgado the group honored the civil rights leader April 24. Photo by John Chadwell.


César Chavez supporters walk in his honor

Event sponsored by LULAC includes singing along the new river trail.

Luis Valdez Performing (Courtesy ETC).


Luis Valdez: Cesar Chavez and theater for the people

Playwright speaks on getting involved in the farmworker movement, his early plays and the birth of El Teatro Campesino.

Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta and former Hollister resident, Rick Rivas. Photo by Frank Perez.

Locals help civil rights activist celebrate birthday, soon-to-be released documentary

On April 9, current and former county residents joined Dolores Huerta in San Francisco to celebrate her 87th birthday and to watch a screening of "Dolores: The Movie," a documentary about the civil rights activist

SBHS senior Jasmine Bonilla-Hernandez holding her award certificate. Photo by Frank Perez.

Art & Culture

High school student wins contest honoring César Chávez

Jasmine Bonilla-Hernandez of San Benito High School was recently named a recipient of an art contest honoring the late, union organizer


Government / Politics

Supervisors consider paid Cesar Chavez Day for county employees

Robert Rivas pushes for paid holiday for county employees in recognition of Cesar Chavez; Botelho says another day with closed county offices would inconvenience the public

El Teatro Campesino performs during the 1975 "El Voto" campaign. Photo courtesy of Mimi Plumb.

Art & Culture

¡Viva La Causa!: El Teatro Campesino’s New Production Opens Friday, June 24

Melding the past, present, and future, “!Viva La Causa!” pays tribute to El Teatro Campesino's founder, Luis Valdez, while chronicling the theater company's storied history and honoring its mission

A farmworkers' polling place set-up in a field (Sept. 1975). Photos courtesy of Mimi Plumb.

Democracy In The Fields: A Project Honoring California’s Farmworkers and the Newfound Freedoms They Reaped in 1975

In September1975, free elections altered California's agricultural landscape. On Sunday, April 3, the National Steinbeck Center will host the unveiling of "Democracy in the Fields," a project dedicated to this momentous event and the lives it transformed

The march was part politics, part honorary recognition for activist César Chávez.

March through Hollister held to honor César Chávez

Community honors labor leader's birthday with three-mile march and speeches

Luis Valdez looking over the leaflet that announced the formation of El Teatro Campesino. Photo courtesy of Donna Silva (DLynn Photography).

El Teatro Campesino: Fifty Years and Counting

El Teatro Campesino was established in 1965 during the Delano Grape Strike. Fifty years later, its founder, Luis Valdez, continues creating thought-provoking productions and nurturing talent from the theater company's playhouse in San Juan Bautista

Father Miguel Hidalgo ushering in the fight for Mexico's independence. Courtesy of banderanews.com.

COMMENTARY: Sept. 16: A day of debate, revolution, and a grape strike

Yesterday, Sept. 16, was historic for several reasons: The second Republican presidential debate was held; Mexico celebrated its independence; and 50 years ago, Cesar Chavez led his fledgling union in a grape strike