Emergency drills involving multiple city and county agencies are held at least once a year. Photo by John Chadwell.


County prepares for disasters, from earthquakes to power grid failure

The San Benito County’s Office of Emergency Services has plans for most emergencies, but says residents also need to have plans to survive the initial days or weeks following a disaster.

Jeff Cattaneo describes the complex water system that brings water from Northern California to San Benito County. Photos by John Chadwell.

Housing / Land Use

State grant moves new Pacheco Reservoir project forward

The $969-million dam and reservoir project will replace the facility to store more water for dry years, and is expected to help replenish aquifers and bring back fish populations.


Housing / Land Use

Levee repairs begin; will take two weeks to complete

Almost 11 months after January floods, work begins repairing two breaks in levees at a cost of over $500,000 from General Fund.

San Benito County Amateur Radio Association members Tim Takeuchi and Dave Fears (BenitoLink file photo)

Police / Fire

OPINION: Disaster communications

Are you prepared for alternate communications in a disaster? Ham radio operators can take over when cell towers and land lines fail.

Eight months after raging waters uprooted the entire community of Lovers Lane, little has been done to repair damages. Photos by John Chadwell.

Business / Economy

Sups seek to avert liability in repairing levees, reform defunct property-owner supported water district

Trying to beat the coming rainy season, county supervisors push forward repairs of levees, while moving to shift cost burden to landowners by restarting Pacheco Storm Water District.

Flooding along Pacheco Creek broke fences along Lovers Lane in Hollister

Flood victims still impacted by winter storms

Residents along Pacheco Creek are still cleaning up after heavy winter rains



President issues major disaster declaration, county readies for next storm

County begins repairs while gearing up for next round of storms; federal funding expected to reimburse some costs


Government / Politics

Congressman tours flood area, with damage in millions

Jimmy Panetta tours San Benito County to asses flood damage and help coordinate state and federal resources


Government / Politics

County officials meet with Lovers Lane residents, admit ability to stop flooding is limited

County officials came to explain they can help residents get ready for any floods, but cannot do much about stopping them because of environmental rules


Government / Politics

Supervisors ratify emergency service proclamation, prepare for next storm

County officials ratify emergency proclamation as emergency services prepares for next storm

Jim Rydingsword, HHSA director, explained how the new homeless plan will work.

Government / Politics

Supervisors Approve Expanded Winter Shelter Program

After lengthy discussion supervisors approve two proposals on operating Expanded Winter Shelter Program.